How Many Times Should I Bail Out a Repeat Offender?

It seems that nearly every family has at least one member who has spent the night in jail. You may even have someone who seems to be in and out of jail repeatedly. When that person calls, it is only natural to question whether or not you should bail him or her out again. How many times is too many? When do we stop bailing out a repeat offender? These are questions people often ask a criminal defense lawyer in St. Louis, and will depend on a number of things.

Learning a Lesson

Upon becoming adults, many people who were once juvenile offenders remark that they are actually glad they got arrested. These individuals are not pleased to have spent time in jail, but rather for the lesson they learned as a result. Many times, being arrested for a minor offense is a wake-up call that causes that person to chart a new path in life.

If you are constantly bailing your loved one out, how will he or she learn a lesson? Seeing someone you care about suffer is never easy, but may sometimes be the best choice based upon the circumstances.

Other Considerations

Putting your foot down is harder in some cases than it is in others. For example, if remaining in jail could cost someone to lose a job or have to drop out of school, it can be challenging to say no. It becomes even more difficult when the defendant has family members to care for that might ultimately become your responsibility. Many parents of grown children continue bailing their sons and daughters out time after time because they are concerned about their grandchildren.

Deciding whether to bail a repeat offender out of jail is never easy. Choosing whether or not to obtain legal counsel on the other hand is a simple choice, and one that should be made each and every time someone is arrested. If you are looking for someone to represent a repeat offender without being judgmental, please contact us.