St Louis Real Estate Lawyer

Buying and selling real estate involves complex legal documents and the transfer of large amounts of money. This is a process that requires thorough attention and assistance from a qualified legal professional who is experienced in real estate law. Whether it is a short sale, foreclosure, or a standard transaction involving real estate agents, a real estate lawyer can help you through the complicated process. To find the best St Louis real estate lawyer, keep these questions in mind during consultations:

Are you familiar with my kind of transaction?

Every real estate transaction is unique. Choose a lawyer who has experience that is relevant to your situation. During the initial conversation, the lawyer should be able to present you with a brief but detailed explanation of how the transaction will progress and steps he or she typically follows to assure that everything goes smoothly.

How long have you been practicing real estate law?

By its very nature, law is a complicated and often confusing field. Be sure your lawyer specializes in real estate and has been practicing for many years. It is also appropriate to ask how long they have been working in your geographic area. Real estate laws vary by state and having representation that is familiar with the specific area of the transaction will also help catch any problems that could go otherwise undetected.

Who will be working on my case?

Large law firms employ a number of people ranging from assistants to paralegals, to law partners. It’s important to know who you will be working with, their qualifications, and who will be included as part of the team working on your transaction.

What are your fees?

It is not too forward to ask about fees during a consultation with a real estate lawyer. Knowing up front will help you plan for expenses and will ultimately make the process move smoothly. When it comes to legal representation, you get what you pay for. Don’t let cost be the only consideration, but it does deserve to be included in the conversation.

Choosing the right real estate lawyer ultimately comes down to finding someone who you feel will work in your best interests. Asking these important questions will help you make that determination. If you are looking for an experienced St Louis real estate lawyer, contact us to set up a consultation appointment.