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“There’s no such thing as an honest lawyer.” I am sure that everyone has heard (or said) this expression many times. Unfortunately, many people have had an experience with an attorney that has only proven this statement. My goal is to be the exception. People don’t call attorneys when they are in a “good” place. I get phone calls all of the time after people have been injured in an accident, been arrested, received a ticket, or are going through a divorce. At critical times like this, you need an attorney that you can trust will have your best interests, not theirs, at heart. My goal, with everyone that I speak with, is to give them the advice that will best help them in their troubling time and help to make things easier. And throughout my representation, I am always honest with my clients as to what the best possible outcome is for them.


When I started this firm, the word “respect” kept coming into my mind. I thought that I wanted my clients to respect me as their attorney. While I do want that, I know that respect must be earned. But, as I started thinking more about the word and about the way that I try to relate and empathize with my clients, I realized that the more important issue was that I respect my clients and their legal issue that they are trusting with me. Everyone that comes to me brings a unique set of circumstances and is different from every other client. My job is to respect that individuality and use those differences to achieve the best result in your case for you. I will always provide my clients with representation that is specific to their background, their wants, and their needs. My hope is that, through my respecting each of my clients and doing everything to exceed expectations, I will earn the continued respect of everyone that I have the pleasure of working with.


Accidents don’t just happen between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM. People don’t always get arrested during normal business hours. And when you are starting a business, that business is your life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You need someone that will be there, on your side, when you need them. I will always return your phone call or respond to your email. I can promise that, if you give me the opportunity to work alongside you and if you trust me with your legal matters, I will stay by your side.

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Your decision on hiring the right lawyer can make all the difference in the outcome of your situation. Be sure to hire the best lawyer in the area. Contact our Chesterfield, MO office, conveniently located in the Chesterfield Valley. Your consultation is free and I promise that after meeting with me you will feel confident in my ability to help you and feel at ease about your current situation.

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