Holiday DWI Defense

A little too much Christmas cheer could bring ho-ho-horrible consequences.

Sounds a little corny doesn’t it? But you’ll wish you would have adopted that mantra if you find yourself in the backseat of a cop car around the holidays; or worse, facing time or penalties because of a fatal accident.

It’s easy to get caught up in the celebration. One more rum ball, a little extra egg nog or one more toast with birthday-cake shots and we’re a little more “buzzed” than we thought we’d be. We think that just a couple miles or a few blocks won’t be a problem – after all, we need our car to get to work tomorrow.

But with the increased amount of shoppers, and the increased amount of families out enjoying the festivities, there are more cops out there watching and waiting. They are there to protect you and your family, even if they’re just protecting you from yourself. If you drink and drive, chances are you’ll get stopped. And if you’re above the legal limit, you could face the loss of your license, penalties or even jail time.

So, if you find yourself out there caught in the middle of the cheer, don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. Santa won’t get you out of this one. It will take an experienced attorney to keep your bad tidings under wrap; a firm that focuses on DUI defense in St. Louis.

If you find yourself in an impossible situation, don’t take a chance on tackling this problem on your own. Find a firm that knows what to do. Call us for more information on DWI defense.