Everything You Need to Know Prior to Fighting a Traffic Ticket in St. Louis

People think of traffic tickets as minor nuisances. In most cases, they are. You rid yourself of the burden by paying a fine. You might be required to appear in court and agree to attend a defensive driving course or show proof of insurance to get the ticket dismissed. However, it is not always that simple. Sometimes you have to defend yourself.

5 Good Reasons to fight traffic tickets in St. Louis

  • The citation is unlawful.
  • You have a justifiable defense.
  • You contest the evidence supporting the citation.
  • The alleged traffic offense was a pretense used to justify an unlawful violation of your rights (e.g., police profiling, illegal search and seizure, etc.).
  • A traffic violation will negatively impact your employment, your insurance or your ability to defend yourself in another criminal or civil matter.

If you are thinking about fighting a traffic ticket, you may want to contact an attorneyAfter listening to your story and asking a few key questions, an experienced attorney can generally make a quick assessment if the citation was unlawful, if you were overcharged or if you have one or more defenses. The attorney will be able to discuss potential challenges you face at trial and help you decide if it makes sense for you to take a plea, to seek a dismissal or to go to trial. An attorney may also advocate for a more favorable plea agreement based on your particular circumstances.

Paying the fine and walking away may not be your best or your only option. For more information on fighting a traffic ticket in St. Louis, contact us.